Why we recommend Garaga

If your garage door needs to be repaired or adjusted, Caspersen Door Systems can help you!

Caspersen Door Systems have chosen to offer the Garaga brand of garage door systems for several reasons. First of all, Garaga offers a wide range of options, which allow multiple combinations for matching a house’s architecture. Plus, the quality of their product line is well known, almost legendary. Garaga is continually developing cutting edge technologies in order to keep their status as industry leaders. Their construction procedures meet ISO 9001 specifications (2000 edition) and are backed by a constant improvement process which ensures manufacturing consistency in its products. When it comes to insulation, sealing, durability, and robustness, GARAGA garage doors are the best performing on the market! Finally, if Caspersen Door Systems recommends Garaga, it’s because every detail is guaranteed. Here are the most popular features:

Efficient Insulation and Energy-saving Benefits

GARAGA garage doors are very well insulated! So all comfort, safety, and performance needs are met. How?

  • High-pressure injected polyurethane foam

    Injected Polyurethane Foam

  • InterLok™ interlocking joints between each panel


  • PVC weatherstripping around the frame and double-contact weatherseal

    PVC Weatherstripping

  • Flexible U-shaped weatherstripping at the bottom of the door

    U-shaped Weatherstripping

  • Removal of any thermal bridges with wooden blocks at the extremities

    Thermal Bridges

  • Optional weatherstripping on the top panel for better airtightness

    Weatherstripping on top panel

These main characteristics create a sealed barrier which keeps the garage at a comfortable temperature all year long. When a garage is well-insulated, it also saves energy. Indeed, if warm air can’t escape, your heating bills will be reduced!

Guaranteed Durability

Garage door spring

Despite its affordable price, a garage door is a considerable investment. Note that Garaga only uses galvanized steel or high-quality aluminum to make their garage doors. Plus, each door is covered in high-temperature oven-baked, polyester-based paint. Another thing to know is that a garage door with a torsion spring system will last for 10,000 to 20,000 cycles (the number of times the door is opened and closed). Garaga quality can also be seen on the anchoring plates welded to the rails, which are so solidly attached that they won’t require any adjustments for many years. All of these features show why it’s no secret that Garaga doors are top performers and last for many years! Here are some videos to watch for more information.

Rock Solid

Garaga doors are the strongest for longest! Only high quality materials are selected to construct GARAGA garage doors. For example, the hardware used is robust and of light-duty commercial strength. It is made to withstand the strong winds and harsh climate of Massachusetts.

Reflects Diversity

Eastman E-22, Ice White

Garaga offers designs in standard sizes that adapt to every type of house. Their various options allow for further customization of projects. To view all creative possibilities, you can check out the photo gallery or the Design Centre on the website. And if you need a non-standard size door, Garaga also makes garage doors to order, whether it’s for a shed or the garage for your RV.

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