June 17, 2020

What if your personal peaceful oasis was just a few feet away in your backyard? This summer, It’s YOUR turn! Create your she shed

The “den for men” or the “man cave” are familiar terms that you have most likely heard before. A man cave is meant to be a place where the boys can throw back some beers (or Mt. Dew), play some video games or watch TV, and talk sports or hunting without the interruption from their female counterparts.

Recently, there has been an increase in interest in a ‘she‑shed’.

She shed

Why shouldn’t the girls have fun too?

The man cave and the she shed alike can stand alone and don’t have to conform to the decoration or style of the house.

Sometimes going on a retreat or a vacation just isn’t in the cards, but a she shed can be a tiny vacation from the incessant demands of day to day life.

Maybe the she shed will be a place to play whatever music that you want over card games, projects, and wine. Whatever the she shed will provide space for, it might be easier to have than you might think!

Many people have plenty of space for the she shed of their dreams right under their noses.

An old shed, greenhouse, or even a garage can be the perfect place to run away to in order to get that long sought‑after alone time.

If you don’t have a building but you have a yard, you could always find a prefabricated shed for sale or even a shed that someone would like removed.

Dismantling and rebuilding is quite a job, but it might be worth it!

Just make sure that you check to make sure that you know of any permits that you might need to procure before you build your she shed.

Phase one: The purge!

Maybe your spring cleaning is thorough and sparkly, or maybe your spring cleaning looks like mine does.

I do great with the house, but... The garage? Isn’t that for holding all of the stuff that I can’t figure out what to do with?

First thing is first: That perfect place for your she shed isn’t so perfect with all of the old clothes, car parts, lawn equipment, etc. There are three simple steps that can help to make room for your home away from home:

  1. Make a trash run:
    Seriously though. It might seem overwhelming at first, but once you see progress, getting rid of your junk can be one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. It can even help to set a ‘last time use’ rule. If you haven’t touched it in X amount of time—throw it out!
  2. Have a garage sale:
    Ok, so you have made your first round and you’ve hauled all of your trash out. You know that stuff that you couldn’t stand to throw away? Now, you have a great opportunity to make a few extra bucks to go towards your she shed! You could host a yard sale or sell off some of that stuff on a local marketplace website like Craigslist.
  3. Make another trash run:
    Now that you have sold off that stuff that you don’t have room for, the remaining stuff can be thrown away or donated to a local thrift store.

Phase two: The grand plan!

My guess is, if you have made it this far, that you are looking at your empty garage, shed, greenhouse, or newly built structure with pride and a plethora of already budding ideas.

You absolutely should be! Now, it is time to get out your pencil and paper to start writing them down.

Feel free to draw pictures, and plan until your brain hurts. The key to success with projects like a she shed is planning. This is the fun part. Let it be fun!

If you’ve got an idea about what you want, it is time to slap a price tag on it.

The cool thing is that you are the contractor and the hired help (and maybe you’ve got some friends or family to help). So you will just need to make a rough guess about how much money you will need for materials. If you need a little help to determine what you are going to need, below is a little checklist of questions to ask yourself:

What are the dimensions of your new space?

Is there any additional storage space?

Will you need electricity or water?

Is your she shed on a solid foundation?

Are you going to need insulation for winter?

Is your roof in good condition?

Are your doors and windows sealed?

With these things in mind, you should revisit your budget and fine‑tune it so that you aren’t met with any unpleasant surprises. Once you get your plans and budget set and ready to go, it is time to make it all come together!

Phase three: Make it your own!

This is YOUR new space! Don’t be afraid to make it your very own. It could be a chic art studio, a woodsy cottage, or a minimalistic plant haven. If you want to keep it congruent with your home, you could borrow some décor ideas or even borrow a few decorations. Just make sure that when you finish it out, that you feel like it is an expression of you.

Think outside of the big box

It might be tempting to make a trip to the home improvement store or a big box store to buy the furnishings and finishing touches, but there are probably better deals that, frankly, might be a lot prettier and more interesting. Try going to local thrift stores, antique stores, or even garage sales. It could save you some money and make your she shed unique.

Inside a she shed

Green and bright

Don’t forget to let the light in! Windows that let in lots of light can really make your she shed an aesthetic success. If you expect to feel like this is a little retreat or sanctuary, you will want to make sure that there is plenty of light to ward off the doldrums. You should feel active, happy, and alive in your little fortress of solace, even if you should want a noon‑day nap. Also, while you are out digging through the thrift stores etc., go ahead and pick up some terracotta pots. Having plants in your space could make it an even happier spot to lounge in.

She shed


When you are making a space to be in, nothing will make it feel like yours like a fresh coat of paint. Pick your color just like you would if it was your bedroom, get some sample squares, bring them to your she shed, and look at it in real life! It is, after all, your home away from home!


Keep in mind that you will probably be looking at your she shed a lot. You will want to make it look just as good from the outside as it does from the inside. You could even plant a garden and trim it out as if it was your house. The bottom line here: it is your new project and your new space, take pride in it and make your effort worthwhile.

Inside a she shed

A few parting ideas

If you need some additional inspiration, the internet is full of it. There are so many DIY and she shed related ideas on Pinterest that are worth taking a look at. You can also check out HOUZZ. Don’t feel bad for needing inspiration, every good artist or craftswoman/craftsman needs inspiration from time to time.

The ultimate she shed

Remember how we were talking about letting in light?

The ultimate she shed should have an all‑glass garage door. They are modern, chic, and let in the sunshine so that you and your plants will be happy in your she shed.

No matter the size of the shed or garage that you are using for your project, Garaga has an all‑glass garage door to fit it.

She shed with an all-glass garage door

These doors are called panoramic doors and are an amazing feature to have on your she shed. One of the coolest things about panoramic doors is that they can be opened all the way up on a nice day to let all of the amazing summer sunshine be a part of your sanctuary.

Garaga will let you choose between many frame colors and layouts and several types of glass to compliment your extruded aluminum California Door.

If clear glass doesn’t suit your she shed, (or maybe if you want more privacy), the glass could also be Satin Grey, Satin Black, or Bronze or Blue Tinted. The smallest door that Garaga offers is just 4 ft. wide by 6 ½ ft. tall!

If your lady shack needs a sectional garage door

...and you live near Pocasset, feel free to contact us toll‑free at 508-563-5633.

We will be more than happy to talk you through all of the special requirements etc. that you will need to have ready for your new garage door on your she shed.

We will even see if you have enough clearance for an electric door opener!

We can send you a quote via email, or you could come on out to our show room! You can also use this handy design centre (if you are planning to replace an existing garage door). Oh! One more thing: here are some super cool pictures.

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