December 21, 2018

Never Leave the Garage Door Open at Night or for Extended Periods: An Explanation


It happens to the best of us; we are in a rush as we arrive home and as we dash from the car to the house, we skip some important steps…and not the ones on the stairs! No, we might ignore clicking the button that closes the garage door, and it is one of the worst mistakes we might make.

Why? After all, if you remember a few hours later and just go back and click it, everything’s okay, right? Well, maybe not. Experts warn that leaving a garage door open for extended periods of time during the day or night can come with very harmful consequences.

It’s Like Handing Keys to a Burglar

Though you might have left a garage door open for even a short time, it does not mean your home or neighbourhood is not being targeted by burglars. They be viewing your garage, its layout and all of your belongings in order to come back at another time. After all, if your garage is like so many others, it probably has items like a lawn mower, snowmobile, mountain bike, snow blower or even your precious motorcycle. It could have lots of storage bins, sports gear and more! And the value of carpentry tools cannot be ignored!

“But that’s what we have insurance for!” you might argue. Homeowner’s policies do cover some property, but making claims is time consuming, upsetting and even disappointing. Even if coverage is available, you might still find yourself out a considerable sum. So, don’t leave everything in plain sight and make a habit of always closing the door behind you – even before getting out of the car.

Burglars Aren’t the Only Pests

Neighbourhood cats and dogs, your local squirrels and raccoons, and even the occasional opossum or legions of mice may look at the open door as an invitation into a warmer and drier spot. And if you have a bird feeding hobby, and keep that tasty food in the garage, it is even more of an incentive for critters to enter through that large, open doorway. Many rodents can pick up scents from far away and will make a beeline to your garage where they can become a real headache, even gnawing away the weatherstripping to get out.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside… or Hot, or Windy, or Stormy…

Weather can be pretty surprising, and even when it seems calm it might change quickly. Let’s say you left the door open overnight. During the night you might have woken to the sound of some wind or rain. As you go into the garage, you might be shocked to see loads of leaves and branches, water and mess everywhere. The same goes for snow and ice, hail, and even dust and debris.

Help for the Forgetful

“I get it,” you might say, “BUT I also FORGET it all of the time! What can I do?” The answer is simple – turn to technology! We suggest:

  • A Garage Door Monitor (829LM)

    Installed inside the home and a spot super convenient for those moments you wonder whether you closed the door (such as the bedroom), it lets you see the status of the door. And if you’ve forgotten to close it, you can do so from the convenient panel.

Monitor 829LM
  • LiftMaster’s MyQ Technology

    Since 2013, the Chamberlain / LiftMaster company has offered MyQ technology. This modern marvel allows you to link your garage door opener to a device such as a tablet, laptop or smartphone with internet connection. The unique MyQ applications then lets you know (via SMS) if the door is open or closed. And no matter where you are, you can then close it for security.

MyQ app

Moving Forward

So, you know that it’s unwise to leave a garage door open at any time, but particularly all night or for long stretches at any time. It leaves the home vulnerable to pests of all kind. In addition to double checking the garage door’s status as part of a nightly routine, as well as double checking that doors are locked, we also suggest you follow our tips.

For more information about the two monitoring devices mentioned in this blog, contact us. As garage door specialists, we can recommend and explain the best choices based on your specific needs and your budget. If you wish, we can send you a quotation by email. You can always visit our showroom if are considering a new garage door. Or you can go online and use the Design Centre to try on a few door styles. Need more inspiration? Take a look at the image gallery for many stunning examples.

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