Need Garage Door Repair? Call in the Experts!


It is always possible to do home renovation work yourself, especially if you are pretty handy. Yet, Some jobs really should be left to the experts, unless you happen to have the technical skills necessary to do outstanding work.

Leaving it to the experts is good form when talking about garage door repairs. If you happen to need repairs made on your garage door system, here are five considerations that will have you reaching for the phone to call in the experts.

Protecting Your Safety

A garage door is pretty heavy. Working on your garage door may be more than you can handle, especially when you throw in extenuating factors like year of manufacture and materials used to manufacture it. The situation will get even more complicated for DIY work if you add other variables like having a double garage door or even a mechanical system that has not been maintained over the years.

The garage door is the largest moving component in the house, a fact that is often forgotten. It happens that those people that forget, end up doing repairs themselves and are injured, hundreds of people per year fall victim to the statistic. Broken springs and faulty lifting cables have caused doors to fall on the homeowners with devastating consequences. Consider this: the steel exterior, single door is roughly 1¾” thick and 9” wide, and it weighs around 130‑175 pounds. The double garage door made of the same materials can weigh up to 350 pounds! Garage door specialists understand the risks involved, and they have been trained to avoid catastrophic injuries.

Benefitting From Experience

It is understandable that the average homeowner doesn’t know how the entire garage door system works. That he or she doesn’t know how the hardware components interact with each other or how the counterweight system is designed to open the door with a minimum of force. That is why we always suggest the homeowner, no matter how handy, put away the tools and call in the experts because the garage door repairs made by a respected technician will always be more timely and more professionally completed.

Another great aspect of going with an experienced technician is that they know all the tricks that can only be learned with years of experience and training. Being able to correctly balance a door, knowing that it is weathertight, and being able to remove unnecessary friction are all things that will cause your door system to wear out, but your technician will be able to ensure they are all done to spec.

Trusting the Work

The risk of an incomplete repair or a system that is not installed properly is much higher when the repairs are done by an inexperienced homeowner. The initial problem may end up not being fixed completely, or the shoddy repair work could lead to a whole slew of other problems that weren’t even an issue beforehand. The electric garage door opener is usually the problem that is most often repaired incorrectly.

A professional who is conscientious and has a well‑deserved reputation in garage door repair will usually offer a written guarantee of his or her work. The guarantee will usually last for around a year and include the parts they have changed because they are not worried about the job being done incorrectly or not standing up to the test of time. An expert can not only do the work well, but he or she can do the work well the first time!

Money and Time Can be Saved

A well‑established garage door repair business near your home will understand the issues you may be facing with your garage door, and they will be able to explain what repairs you need clearly. Learning to repair garage doors cannot be learned overnight. Hiring an experienced technician to repair your garage door will give you more time to do the things that really matter to you, instead of trying to learn how to do tedious repairs. You will also need to consider the fact that a technician will know exactly how to pinpoint the problems and get the job done much faster than you could because of their many years of experience. You will know that his or her only goal is to make sure the long‑term operation of your garage door is the first priority.

Sometimes homeowners mistakenly think they may be saving money by trying to repair a garage door opener all by themselves, but it usually ends up being more expensive in the long run. When an opener that is still under warranty, doing the repairs by oneself could void the warranty completely causing the homeowner to be fully responsible for the cost of repairing a damaged component of the door mechanism, a worrisome cost.

Don’t be Liable

Your garage door professional will have insurance that covers both his or her own personal injury or any damage to your property should something untoward happen.

In addition to the insurance coverage, another thing to consider is that the experts you hire to repair your garage door will be responsible if the repairs are done incorrectly. Something that would be solely your responsibility if you were to repair your garage door yourself and an unfortunate incident occurs. There is no need to run the risk and finding yourself in such a situation, trust the highly qualified technicians. They know garage door systems better than anyone else.

Call Today! No Need to Delay!

What are you waiting for? Contact us toll‑free at 508-563-5633 if you have any repairs that you need to be completed on your garage door system, no repair is too small. We are familiar with the ins and outs of many styles of garage doors and garage door openers. We can easily advise you on your problem, explain the best decision to make regarding repairs, and still manage to respect your budget. We are also able to send you an email a quote for your convenience. You are also welcome to visit our showroom and speak to us in person.

If you need a new garage door instead of just fixing the old, get familiar with our Design Centre where you can select the style that best suits your home. If you need inspiration, then please visit our image gallery full of attractive ideas.

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