January 16, 2020

Sorting out facts and fiction about garage doors

Sometimes we believe things to be true just because that’s what we’ve always heard. And now with the Internet providing such an easy way to spread the word about something, it’s likely that we’re all taking in plenty of information that doesn’t actually have much truth to it. That means that it’s more important than ever to verify some of the things you think you know.

There is definitely some fictional info out there about garage doors. It makes it hard for people who are shopping for one to make an informed decision. We’re going to spend a little time talking about what is fact and what is fiction regarding garage doors, and hopefully it will help you with finding just what you’re looking for.

Myths or Facts

Fiction: There’s not much difference from one garage door to the next.

The fact is that there can be a lot of difference from one garage door to the next. Start by looking just at the material various garage doors are made of. There are certainly different materials. You’ll find doors made of metals, aluminum, and wood varieties. There are advantages to using each type. Metals are strong and practical, aluminum doesn’t weigh a lot, and woods are beautiful and add texture. You could also have an all‑glass garage door. So, you see that one garage door can be very different than the next.

Garage doors will also vary in size. You can have a single door that is 9' x 7', a double garage door that is 16' x 7', or a combination involving a single door and one or more double garage doors. You can decide on a door that is a little bit thicker than others also.

Fiction: There’s no need to insulate your garage door.

There’s actually a lot of need for insulating your garage door. If you spend a lot of time in your garage and you live somewhere that gets really hot or really cold at certain times of the year, insulating the garage will allow you to do that more comfortably. You can also save some money by insulating your garage door because you will lose less heating or cooling from your home’s HVAC system through the door. Most of the time with an attached garage, a specialist will recommend that you install a weathertight insulated garage door.

It’s not recommended to insulate a garage door

Fiction: Homeowners should repair their own garage doors.

In most cases, homeowners should not try to repair their own garage doors. The components of your garage door opener are under tension and can become a danger to someone who is attempting to fix them and isn’t aware of how to do that safely. Let someone take care of the problem who is trained in how to deal with the situation right. You can provide your garage door with some of the regular maintenance and minor upkeep, but repairs or replacements need to be performed by a garage door expert. You can contact us at Caspersen Door Systems to schedule a visit by one of our professionals.

Fiction: Garage doors don’t need to be maintained.

This is certainly not true. You need to perform routine maintenance on your garage door and its systems at least twice a year. For heavily used garage doors, more than that even. Well over half of homeowners use the garage as the main entryway into the house. That means you want to make sure your garage door is working correctly to provide the household with a safe avenue for entering and exiting the home. Refer to this guide to get a good idea of what needs to be checked on your garage door, as well as when everything needs looking at.

Fiction: Garage doors are just loud, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

There is going to be noise associated with any garage door. But the noise shouldn’t be enough that it causes disruption to your life. You have options for making your garage door opener work more quietly. You can choose a belt‑drive opener with a DC motor to bring the noise level down. You can also choose a different kind of garage door opener that gets mounted to the wall, rather than the ceiling. Choose an option where the components of your garage door are not all made of metal. If you feel like your garage door seems louder than it should, stop and listen to what you’re hearing. It could be that something is unbalanced, or that a repair is needed. If you hear a sound that seems concerning, go ahead and get to contacting us so we can help you with whatever it is right away.

It’s normal that a garage door makes noise

Fiction: No harm has ever come from a garage door.

Take a second and really think about what your garage door is and what it does. It’s a huge piece of metal or wood that moves up and down on a daily basis. It’s actually the largest moving piece of your home. Still think it couldn’t do any harm? According to the US National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, it can. This report states that over 10,000 harmful things happen in the US every year. Garage doors have been known to hit people, cut people, bruise people, and even break bones sometimes. This is more cause for keeping your garage door in good working order.

The parts of your garage door opener system that are responsible for making the door roll back open when something crosses under it are called the automatic reverse mechanisms. You should always make sure that these are continuing to function the way they need to. You can easily test them. A mechanical reverse mechanism can be tested by putting a piece of wood or something similar under the garage door. Push the close button on your remote. When the bottom of the door touches the item you placed under it, it should automatically reverse its course. A photoelectric reverse mechanism has sensors that are about 4‑6" above the floor. Close your garage with the remote. Then wave your foot in front of the sensor. The door should reverse itself. If the test you perform fails, you need to get in touch with us so we can fix the issue.

Fiction: Repairs on a garage door will always be expensive.

It’s a common belief that if you need a repair done to your garage door or opener, it’s always going to be very expensive. This isn’t true. Repairs might cost a lot sometimes, but many times they don’t. To make sure you don’t end up with costly repairs, we recommend:

  • Performing regular maintenance at least twice a year on your garage door and other components. You may be able to do the maintenance yourself, or you can sign up for a tune‑up program where a specialist takes care of it for you.
  • Getting a quote before the repair work is completed. A quote helps you plan your budget around the money you’ll be spending. It also cuts down on the risk of getting ripped off. You should be met with openness and willingness when you ask for the quote. Any reputable company will be happy to provide you with one.

Fiction: Cheaper garage door openers are just as good as the expensive ones.

The fact is, you get what you pay for with garage door openers, and you don’t get what you don’t pay for. When you’re shopping around for a new opener, you’ll see that you can find some really cheap models online. The price might look great, but you need to make sure the garage door opener also looks great. Often, what you’ll find is that the better price is because the device is lacking in quality and durability. It also might not come with the capability to program remotes. That means it won’t be as safe or long‑lasting as something that costs more, and it won’t be very convenient to operate. That definitely doesn’t sound like “just as good” to us.

It’s very likely that a cheap garage door opener can’t be used with any other accessories either. If nothing else, make sure you are diligent in finding out what you are actually getting if you’re looking to purchase a cheaper version of an opener.

For more about the facts of garage doors and openers…

If you’re in the Pocasset area, you can contact us at 508-563-5633. We can help you with anything you need regarding garage doors, openers, and accessories. We will work with you to get you everything you want for your garage while staying within your budget as well.

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